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Reasons people seek psychotherapy include:


Young people and adults


  • Sexual and/or physical or emotional abuse, past or present
  • Panic attacks and recurring anxiety attacks
  • Social phobia
  • Self-knowledge
  • Low self-esteem or lack self-confidence
  • Identity crisis
  • Crisis or trauma
  • Addictive behaviours, such as drug and alcohol addiction
  • Depression (child, adolescent, adult, post-natal)
  • Difficulty in expressing feelings
  • Difficulty in dealing with dilemmas or change
  • Difficulty in coping with loss: mourning, the end of a relationship, leaving home for a child, unemployment, etc
  • Difficulty in managing anger, frustration or aggression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Fear that feelings such as anger, sadness, etc. take hold of the person
  • Moments of transition, such as maternity, entering retirement, etc
  • Loving relationships, conflict management and feelings such as jealousy, envy, loneliness, problems in forming or maintaining relationships, emotional dependence
  • Issues related to childhood
  • Problems related to work
  • Feelings of unhappiness or emptiness
  • Sexuality
  • Post-traumatic stress




  • Anxiety, fears, phobias
  • Bullying and its consequences
  • Eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, obesity)
  • Risky behaviours
  • Family conflicts
  • Difficulties in dealing with school
  • Difficulties in loving relationships
  • Body image, low self-esteem
  • Social or school dysfunction
  • Educational and vocational guidance
  • Behavioural problems
  • Sexuality and/or sexual identity
  • Sadness, apathy, depression




  • Aggression
  • Apathy and isolation
  • Sudden mood changes
  • Anxiety, fears and phobias
  • Jealousy
  • Obsessive behavior, fixed ideas
  • Learning disabilities
  • Eating disorders
  • Bereavement issues
  • Adjustment problems
  • Recurrence of past fears
  • Sadness and depression